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Although our dogs are breed first as working companions for farmers and stockmen, there have been many  that have gone on to fulfill different roles.  They are our family companions who love to play Frisbee or ball and occasionally enjoy a bounce on the trampoline with the children.  They have beautiful reasoning and creative minds working problems and situations in their own way.  These dogs carry the blood of the  most solid and proven lines in the country.  This is confirmed through their performance in the work they were bred to do.

 Wyatts Jay Jay

October 2011 ~ Jay jay completed his advanced trial dog in both cattle & sheep and one leg toward his ATD on ducks


Kasha01345.jpg (14468 bytes)

October 2011 Kasha completed her Open trial dog in cattle, sheep & ducks

Libby01324.jpg (16027 bytes)
"Kasha" Libby
wannie.jpg (23909 bytes) DSC00084.jpg (20188 bytes) DSC00093.jpg (26271 bytes)
"Annie" "Annie"

Wyatt's Just Jess OTDc OTDCs DNA-CP

DSC00297.jpg (20870 bytes) DSC00298.jpg (19428 bytes) DSC00118.jpg (22998 bytes) DSC00307.jpg (17924 bytes)
Silverledge Pincie Creek Drifter

DSC00391.jpg (22029 bytes)

DSC00101.jpg (20085 bytes)

DCS00390.jpg (19485 bytes)

DCS00379.jpg (21786 bytes)

Pincie Creek Sioux of True Grit STDc OTDs

bowie1.jpg (9410 bytes) bowie2.jpg (10626 bytes) bowieducks.jpg (13426 bytes) bowie_14.jpg (11824 bytes)
WTCH Twin Oaks Jim Bowie RTD
blacktriducks.jpg (10824 bytes) blacktrifrisbee.jpg (8476 bytes) blacktrifrisbee2.jpg (8078 bytes) blacktri2.jpg (11539 bytes)
Wyatt's Black Mountain Magic
wruth701.jpg (27389 bytes) DSC00876_Small.JPG (37106 bytes) wjoe.jpg (24178 bytes)
Ruths Slash V
Meg Meg Wyatts Take It Easy Joe 
wkate002.jpg (14838 bytes) Payton92.jpg (28902 bytes) Payton93.jpg (37730 bytes)
"Kate" Wyatts Payton Man
wscarlett.jpg (22497 bytes) wbarney.jpg (27398 bytes)
Scarlet Scarlet

Wyatts Barn Yard Barney

wyattHerding.jpg (29397 bytes) wyattHerding2.jpg (24960 bytes) annieHerding.jpg (65042 bytes) DSC01004_Small.JPG (97507 bytes)
Wyatt of Rabbit Cross Farm

Wyatts Annie OTDs STDc

Cricket & Ruffian
rip.jpg (58520 bytes) riprun.jpg (37393 bytes) rip3.jpg (74525 bytes) ripPup.jpg (36431 bytes)
Hardworkin Rip Van Winkle OTDcsd DNA VP


Two litters

Spring 2012

Jake & Scarlet
Feb 20 2012

Jake & Emma
Mar 5 2012


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