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What's Been Going On

Our New Working Trail Champions ~ June 2011

WTCH Wyatt Then There Was Jake

WTCH Wyatt of Rabbit Cross Farm


NEW TITLES: (Greater Atlanta ASCA Trial ~ March 2008)

Jess OTDc

Annie STDc

Jake OTDsc Dean Jones Memorial Stock Dog HIT in combined Sheep & Cattle score


We had a great weekend at the 2006 WAV trial.

Jake OTDs STDc Most Promising Started Aussie at 2006 WAV trial

Annie OTDs


Wyatts Barnyard (Barney)

O'Bryants Scarlet O'Hara

Wyatts Meg


We had a great weekend at the WASV trial at Breezy Hill Farm, meeting and visiting with a lot of good folks.


Jess STD Sheep and Cattle
Sioux STD Sheep and 1 leg Cattle
Dolly STD Sheep and 1 leg Cattle


Ruth: We are very glad that Ruth was able to come live with us. She is a very sweet natured dog, with a lot of energy and natural ability, who gathers stock from the pasture well. We are working with Ruth on her directional commands.

Jake is our up and coming male out of a Hawkeye x Sioux cross.  He has great drive and presence on the stock.  Jake is also very biddable. We believe he will develop into a well balanced worker and we are taking his training nice and easy.

Alley is a remarkable little girl with great natural ability and enthusiasm. We are working on building her focus and control while preserving her vibrant desire. We are offering Alley for sale.

We have kept three dogs of strong WOOD-based breeding:

Sam is a very solid pup, who has a great disposition, is going to stock with confidence. Sam is now offered for sale.

Annie is a little fireball at this point. We are looking forward to bringing her into  focus and helping her to begin to balance. Right now, however, we are just enjoying her eager spirit.

Bo is a sweet pup out of our last Hawkeye-Ashley cross (this cross ties to Wood Jay many times over 10 generations). He is coming along very nicely. We are keeping his training fun, with low pressure. 


Two litters

Spring 2012

Jake & Scarlet
Feb 20 2012

Jake & Emma
Mar 5 2012


Contact us for more information.  Come back as we add to this site...



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